Meet The Team

Teresa Bare 200x300.jpg

Founder & CEO

Teresa Bare-Inman

Teresa is the owner and founder of ReTwist-T. Born and raised in the Midwest, and an avid learner, Teresa continues active careers as a Physical Therapist Assistant, Health & Wellness Coach, and Cosmetologist. It was her desire to reignite the creative fire in her family that led to establishing ReTwist-T, a sweet little fine art and repurposed goods shop. Her hand-crafted, rustic chic mixed media creations were met with astonishing success until, in 2019, she was able to open her first brick-and-mortar location in Sauk City, Wisconsin. Today, along with her growing team of local artists, artisans and curators, Teresa continues to explore the creative process while promoting health and well-being.


Teresa serves her community as a River Arts, Inc. Board Member, Aperi Animam Board Member, Member of the Sauk-Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce, Friends of the George Culver Library Board Member, Optimist Club Member and on the Social Justice & Equity Initiative.


Art Director & Studio Artist

Denise - Galloway Gallery & R&D Designs

Denise is a photorealistic artist working primarily in acrylics. Inspired by the country views of the Midwest and her own growing passion for visual expression, she uses natural textures, such as wood, for the base of her creations.


Due to her dedication, versatility and focus throughout her career, Denise is accomplished in many forms of visual arts practices. Her expertise in directing photoshoots, designing marketing and tradeshow materials, and preparing visualizations of engineering prototypes provides the backbone for the art direction  and furniture design she now provides as an important component of the ReTwist-T Studios.


As a Studio Artist, Denise continues to participate in numerous Gallery Presentations and Art Exhibitions, with works held in a number of private collections across the Midwest. She invites you to stop by and share her artistic vision within the Galloway Gallery space  at ReTwist-T. 



Ron - R&D Designs

Ron's childhood love of farming, the windblown days of bailing hay and tinkering in the toolshed, have undeniably  influenced his lifelong passion for natural materials, country living, and the intricacies of machinery.


Ron is a certified Industrial Maintenance Technician with expertise in welding, wiring and hydraulics. Now retired and taking a break from the blue prints and schematics, he is pursuing his creative passions: breathing life into his antique Case DC tractor and woodworking. Ron's custom framing skillfully accentuates the artistic reflections from the Galloway Gallery and his R&D furnishings are finished with a functional flair that can only be found at ReTwist-T!

Sewing Machine

Handcrafted Textiles & Apparel

Kris - 2nd Chances

Kris has a passion for home and family and focuses her craft on creating high-quality goods for infants and kids, as well as fun fabric necessities for kitchen and home! She often incorporates vintage or "re-loved" fabrics into her work, which makes them truly one-of-a-kind. Kris join us from South Central Wisconsin. 

Aromatize logo.jpg

Artisan Beauty Products

Mallory & Lindsey - Aromatize

Mallory and Lindsey, the owners and artisans of Aromatize, have discovered that finding the perfect beauty product requires careful research. They create and personally test every product thoroughly to ensure that it is of the highest quality. They believe that NOW is the time to get to know yourself better, take care of your skin, and preserve your most essential ingredient - your natural beauty!


Soy Wax Candles

Lindsey - Bailiwick Creations

Lindsey works from her home studio creating elegant 100% soy container candles, tins, and melts. Her candles are available at the ReTwist-T store as well as at several craft shows in the Madison and West Bend, WI areas. Lindsey joins us from Central Wisconsin.

Baskets by Theresa.png

Basket Weaver

Theresa - Custom Baskets

Theresa is a local artisan with a passion for weaving fascinating and functional creations with a world of history behind them. Basketry has ancient and modern roots, having filled homes with woven baskets, plates, and décor for centuries. Through the use of natural fibers like grasses, bamboo, and various woods, this tradition lives on! Theresa joins us from the Sauk-Prairie Area.


Glass Sculpture

Cindy - Before & After

Cindy and her husband are retired and enjoying becoming first-time grandparents of two adorable granddaughters!


Their shared love for antique stores, flea markets, thrift stores (and of course the occasional tavern!) means you will often find them traveling the highways and byways discovering different towns and cities along the way.  These "Thrifty Road Trips" always end with that one amazing treasure that can be re-imagined into a work of art! Cindy joins us from Mazomanie.


Curator & Studio Artist

Cathryn - Cathryn's Corner Art

Cathryn is inspired by the whimsical nostalgia of youthfulness and childhood. Her aspirations to illustrate children's literature have led to her publishing a children's book and coloring book available at ReTwist-T! If you enjoy dollhouse miniatures, fairy gardens, and vintage treasures you will love Cathryn's artistry! Cathryn joins us from the Sauk-Prairie Area.

Country Meadow Market.png

Soy Wax Candles

Jessica - Country Meadow Market

Country Meadow Market, LLC is a local, family business offering soy candles, melts and candle accessories. Jessica joins us from Poynette, Wisconsin.

County T.png

Apparel Design

Dan - County T

Dan enjoys all things fun, rustic, and memorable! His unique designs are sure to remind you of days spent smiling with family and friends. Dan joins us from Sauk-Prairie WI.



Diann - Diann's Designs

Diann has been quilting for many years and her artwork, pieced together in her home studio, incorporates a variety of designs. She strives to remain steadfast in the details of quilt making in order that future generations can continue to enjoy these icons of tradition, family and the comfort of home. Diann joins us from South Dakota.

Elizabeth Irwin Antiques Biz Card.png

Curator & Jewelry Design

Allison - Elizabeth Irwin Antiques & Jewelry

Elizabeth Irwin, EI for short, is inspired by things she enjoys: Antiques, Books and Jewelry. She has dabbled in jewelry-making for several years and draws on inspiration from the early 1900's. Within her collection you will also find a variety of books & vin-tique treasures ranging from primitives to Victorian. EI, and her pupper Yo-Yo, are excited to share their treasures with you! 

Jaclyn-Fox Ridge Candles.png

Soy Wax Candles

Jaci - Fox Ridge Candles

Jaci's soy candles are handmade in small batches. Each is hand poured, which means that they make the recipe from scratch with full control of all the ingredients. Jaci strives to make her soy candles in the most natural way possible, which is better for you, better for us, and better for the environment. Jaci joins us from Madison WI.


Clothier & Natural Beauty Products

Kristin & Jacque - Honey Creek

Kristin specializes in curating the necessary trappings of a fine vintage wardrobe. Her coordinating hats and gloves, dresses and shoes offer a one-stop-shop to create a complete ensemble perfect for your next stylish dinner party or holiday soirée. Ask Jacque about the
Honey Creek Hemp line of natural beauty products! Kristin & Jacque join us from the Sauk-Prairie Area.

Jessica-in my apron pocket.png


Jessica - In My Apron Pocket

Jessica has enjoyed a love of painting for many years inspired by watching her grandmother paint on china. Her passion has since grown to include molding, firing, and painting ceramics in her home studio! Jessica is able to remain versatile in her creations, with everything from lighted pieces, soup crocks, mugs, and even bird baths! Jessica joins us from Sauk-Prairie WI.

KoFAT Haiti.png

Upcycled Craft

Terry - KoFAT Haiti Fair-Trade Cooperative

Terry represents KoFAT, the Organization of Women Artists in Thiotte, Haiti! The mission of this Fair-trade cooperative is to organize women for the development of businesses and social projects that improve the environment and their communities. The entrepreneurial women artists of KoFAT crochet unique purses using "pl-arn" (yarn created from recycled plastic bags). They are very excited to share their creations with us! Proceeds help KoFAT continue to improve lives in Haitian communities!

Katyas Gifts.jpg


Katya - Katya's Gifts

Creativity abounds when Katya steps into her Studio! Having grown up in a family that enjoyed crafting, upcycling and knitting together, she strives to continue that tradition. Katya's plush fabric products for babies and tots make the perfect heirloom-worthy gift yet are unique enough to become the go-to item for Mama/Baby snuggle time. Katya joins us from the Sauk-Prairie Area.



Patty - Momma P

Patty learned to crochet from her sweet Grandma Opal who gave Patty her first set of crochet hooks on her 9th birthday. This launched into a lifelong passion for all things crochet! Patty enjoys creating blankets, hats & scarves for friends & family, charities, and hospitals. She is constantly looking for great deals on yarn and laughingly calls herself a "yarn-a-holic". Patty joins us from Sauk-Prairie WI.

Mary Murray Art Logo (2).png

Studio Artist

Mary - Mary Murray Art

Mary is a watercolor and mixed media artist who is inspired by flowers, color and nature, and especially enjoys creating whimsical floral pieces in her home studio.

“Learning to paint with watercolors

has been life changing for me.

It brings so much joy!

I encourage everyone to try painting.”

A teacher and author by trade, Mary has always sought ways to incorporate her creative heart into her work. Her business, CareMore Creative Life Services, opened in 2017. In this capacity she is able to provide care, friendship and art activities for seniors in their homes. Her newest venture, “Painting on the Porch”, began in 2020  as an outreach program at her home, where she shares the joy of painting with the children in her neighborhood. Mary joins us from Mazomanie.

Pink Pocky (2).png

Curator & Jewelry Designer

Ashley - Pink Pocky Creations

Ashley started her business during Quarantine to find a creative outlet. She believes everyone should dress in what makes them happy! Ashley noticed that modern jewelry wasn't fun enough, so she came up with funky designs with child-like flair. She also specializes in unique thrift clothing that adds some spunk to your wardrobe. Ashley joins us from Sauk-Prairie.

ReWined Etc.jpg


Rikky - ReWined, Etc.

Rikky joins us from the Sauk-Prairie Area!



Linda - ScrapCat Art Journals & Cards

Linda enjoys sharing ways to capture creative ideas. She finds inspiration for her work by watching the eagles soar over the river outside her craft room window. Linda shares her home with her adorable cats, who also share creative advice once in awhile. She is excited to bring unique art journals and greeting cards to ReTwist-T! Linda joins us from Sauk-Prairie WI.

Sissy Reh Biz Card.jpg


Dawn - Sissy Reh Creations

If you are looking for something warm and snuggly, Sissy Reh Creations has you covered! Dawn excels at crafting plush finger-knit blankets for youth and adults! Her cozy creations are available in a variety of colors...and she is happy to consider special orders, too! Dawn joins us from the Sauk-Prairie area.


Upcycled Craft

Jaclyn - Sticks & Stones

Jaclyn brings her adorable handmade repurposed vintage ornamental finds to the ReTwist-T space! From ornaments to framed seasonal art, she is sure to have your creative space looking fun and inspiring. Jaclyn joins us from the Sauk-Prairie Area.

Twirl Designs_Logo.jpg

Upcycled Craft

Jenny - Twirl Designs

A local Maker and Curator, Jenny, of Twirl Designs is known to be a bit of a creative tinkerer. As an Upcycler, she crafts pieces using repurposed materials, often with a nostalgic flair. As a Curator she brings a wealth of knowledge about vintage and antique items that is reflected in the unique goodies found with the Twirl label at ReTwist-T! Jenny joins us from the Sauk-Prairie Area!



Mark - Wild Wood Woodworks

Mark has a vision for creating furnishings that bring the earthy tones and cabin vibes to your home! He has always loved woodworking, but has found that since he retired he sees beauty in places he may have missed in his youth. Working with cedar and other beautiful woods has allowed Mark to create many unique items by hand with simple tools and a creative heart. Mark joins us from the Sauk-Prairie area.

Tanya Bare_edited.jpg

Marketing Manager & Textile Artist

Tanya Bare

Tanya is the Marketing Manager and Website Designer for ReTwist-T. Her creative specialty is in textiles and fabric arts. Born and raised in the Midwest, Tanya graduated from University of Northwestern with a degree in Business Management and Herzing University with a degree in Graphic Design. An aspiring author and blogger, she is always looking for opportunities to connect stories and inspire creative perspectives.

Tanya serves her community as a Sauk-Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Promotions Committee Member, on the Sauk-Prairie Police Commission, Friends of the George Culver Library Board Member, and Optimist Club Member.


Gallery Manager & Studio Artist

Angelica - Angelica Yvonne

Angelica is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Madison, Wisconsin. She holds a bachelor's degree in Art and Design from the University of Northwestern, St. Paul.

Through the undergraduate Fine Arts program Angelica worked as a Teaching Assistant, curating for department shows, assisting with permanent collection management, as well as the installation and deinstallation processes in the gallery spaces on campus.

Currently Angelica works as an Art Instructor and freelancer.


Custom Sewing & Alterations

Frieda - Fashionista Frieda

Frieda is a working professional with more than 25 years in the fashion, sewing, and beauty industries. As a business owner and instructor she has had the opportunity to travel from South Africa to Wisconsin exploring the nuances of custom sizing, design, and cosmetology.


Today, Frieda seeks to reach those with challenges in sizing options and current market choices. Certified in Individualized Custom Pattern Fittings, her specially-made stylings are sure to provide a fresh palate of selections, crafted locally with YOU in mind!

ReTwist-T is excited to have this Fashionista on the Team! Please contact us for more details!


Artisan Soap

AJ - AJ's Aloe Vera Soapery 

AJ is a determined 10-year old pursuing his dream of owning a business. He began by watching soap making tutorials and then practiced his art with his first soap making kit! He enjoys shopping for new soap molds and selecting the colors, scents and shapes. AJ is on the Autism spectrum and making the product for his Aloe Vera Soapery is a really good sensory experience. His favorite soap scent is Bubblegum and his favorite soap to make is his army man soap! AJ is very excited to be a part of the ReTwist-T Team!

Badger Valley Soaps.png

Artisan Beauty Products

Anna - Badger Valley Soaps

Anna has been making all natural, small batch, hand-crafted products since 2012. She takes special care to ensure her products are natural and safe, using essential oils that are sustainably sourced. You will not find any fragrance, dyes, parabens, or toxins in her products. Anna is excited to share her soaps, lotions, lip balm and beard oil with your family! Anna joins us from the Sauk-Prairie area.

Basement Treasures Biz Card.jpg


Caroline - Basement Treasures

Caroline grew up with parents who loved collecting antiques, and she is certain she also inherited that gene! Today she still has a special love for antiques, as well as finding special treasures, thrifting, and shopping in her basement. She is excited for this opportunity to share some of her curated treasures and love of all things pretty with others. Caroline joins us from Madison!

Image by Alexey Demidov

Jewelry Maker

Audrey - Bracelets by Audrey

Audrey joins us from the Sauk-Prairie Area.


Natural Infant Teethers & Pacifier Clips

Calee - Boho Babe & Company

Trying to connect passion with purpose is one of the first challenges many Creatives face. Calee of Boho Babe & Co, says she spent many years searching for her creative niche. It wasn’t until she became a Mama that she discovered making safe and usable products, such as teethers and pacifier clips for Wee Ones, was overwhelmingly rewarding! Calee joins us from Florida.


Polymer Clay Accessories & Macramé

Jordann - Clay/Macra Mason

Jordann is on a journey to reignite creative passion! Her professional career has always been geared toward helping others which overflows into the jewelry she makes. Jordann works primarily with polymer clay. Her hope is that the pieces created and shared will help people remember to appreciate that little imperfection - the beauty in their own uniqueness. Jordann joins us from Madison WI.

Bundled Boutique.PNG

Curator & Apparel Design

Christina - The Bundled Boutique

Christina is an old soul who grew up antiquing and believes vintage is here to stay. She lovingly curates a collection of unique pieces for you to discover and give them a new home. From vintage inspired apparel with a Midwest twist to retro décor, you’re bound to find something that sprinkles a bit of vintage into your modern day life! Christina joins us from Waunakee.

Debs Designs.jpg

Wool Mittens

Deb - Deb's Designs

Deb embraced the upcycle movement several years ago when she began crafting her cozy sweater mittens. She strives to capture practicality and individual uniqueness in her work. Warm hands make warm hearts! Deb joins us from the Sauk-Prairie Area.

Dozer Designs.png

Craftsman & Painter

Fred, Jacque, An & Dan - Dozer Designs

A family-centered art and woodworking team, Dozer Designs, in collaboration with Jacquelyn's Creations, join us from Michigan.

Fancy Fool Creations Logo.jpg


Carol - Fancy Fool Creations

Carol, of Fancy Fool Creations, not only enjoys fashioning articles using traditional methods and materials, but she also seeks to take the art of  handcrafting to the next level! From her earliest memories, colors and textures have filled Carol's craft room with happiness. She has explored the nuances of delicate tissue carnations and silk floral arrangements, to stained glass and vintage jewelry art. But, at the end of the day, painting with thread remains her greatest passion. Whether it be a nostalgic moment working with plastic needles, yarn and punch card pictures, tying a quilt, or finessing a last French Knot on a quaint embroidery scene, the fanciful little pieces from Fancy Fool Creations are guaranteed to brighten a corner or make you smile. Carol joins us from Waunakee.


Hand-crafted Cat Toys

Nikki - Gideon-Jo Creations

Nikki, of Gideon-Jo Creations, enjoys sharing her pleasantly active home with her daughter, their Frenchie and three cats! Not always a Maker, Nikki found her creative inspiration while shopping on Etsy during the holiday season of 2020 when she purchased a handmade cat toy and realized, "I could make something like this for my own cats"! And thus began the venture of Gideon-Jo Creations. Nikki enjoys creating new characters, though many of her toys are inspired by famous characters which customers seem to find just as engaging as the cats do! Nikki joins us from Wisconsin Dells.