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© 2020 by reTwist-T


(pronounced: reetwist-TEE)

ReTwist-T is a team of artists and crafters with a passion for reflecting

the beauty of life in the country by creating unique home décor and fine art.

Our products combine elements of cottage style, primitive, and natural living. From our countryside paintings and photography, to acorn ornaments, soy candles and baskets--our handmade designs are sure to bring a breath of fresh air!
So stop by, come on in, and "Pull Up A Chair".

Meet The ReTwist-T Team


Owner, Lead Designer

Teresa specializes in mixed media with elements of assemblage art and interior design. She appreciates all things rustic and casual with a splash of shabby chic. If this vibe interests you be sure to check out her repurposed and reclaimed décor!


Art Director, Painter

Denise is a seasoned artist and illustrator. She specializes in photorealistic paintings and upcycled furnishings. Since ReTwist-T is a family business Denise also puts high priority on encouraging creativity in the next generation by offering short classes, tips & tricks to family and friends of varying skill levels.


Manager, Designer

Tanya's true specialty is blending items together to create something new! When she isn't traveling about seeking fun finds, she works in her studio specializing in weaving and fiber arts which incorporate vintage fabrics and styles to create home decor with a classic look and feel. 

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The Artisan Team


Soapmaker, Artisan

Introducing, Badger Valley Soaps!

Anna works from her home studio and has been making all natural, small batch, handcrafted soaps since 2012. She takes special care to ensure her product are natural and safe and doesn't use any fragrance, oils or dyes. You also won't find parabens or toxins, and she uses oils that are sustainably sourced. Anna is pleased to share her product with your family! You can find her online at: badgervalleysoaps.com


Candlemaker, Artisan

Introducing, Bailiwick Creations!

Lindsey works from her home studio creating elegant 100% soy container candles, tins, and melts. Her candles are available at the ReTwist-T store as well as at several craft shows in the Madison and West Bend, WI areas. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information! You can find her on Facebook.

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Basket Weaver, Designer

Introducing, Theresa Breunig! Theresa is a local crafter that works from her home studio. Her baskets are handwoven displaying a variety of colors and textures. Theresa's baskets are available at the ReTwist-T store as well as several area craft shows. Theresa wants to thank you for shopping handmade!

The Stylist Team


Seamstress, Designer

Laraine has a passion for modern household stylings with a vin-tique flair! Her Sweet Tea Towels are handmade from her home studio in Canada and are exclusive to the ReTwist-T store! They are available in a variety of colors to coordinate with any kitchen - Stop by and browse the collection!


Mitt Maker, Stylist

Jess has flair for creating cozy and cute! Her Mittens are handmade from her home studio in Southern Wisconsin and are fashioned from repurposed sweaters. They are available in a variety of colors and styles to match every mood and outfit!


Screenprinter, Designer

Introducing County T!
Dan enjoys all things fun, rustic, and memorable! His unique designs are sure to remind you of days spent smiling with family and friends. All shirts are a 50/50 Poly Cotton Blend with an added bonus -- he takes design requests! You can find County T goodies in several local shops, including ReTwist-T!

Please don't hesitate to reach out for more information. You can find County T on Facebook.

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Quilter, Designer

Diann has been quilting for many years and her artwork, pieced together in her home studio, incorporates  a variety of designs. Her most recent Biscuit Quilt, available at the ReTwist-T store, was influenced by her imagination and encouragement received from friends to remain steadfast to the details involved in quilt making in order that future generations can continue to enjoy these icons of tradition, family and the comfort of home.


Designer, Maker

Introducing Heavenly Inspirations! Judy is a fashioner of upholstered pillows, refurbished treasures, seasonal and vintage items. Her products can be found at the ReTwist-T mercantile as well as at local craft shows. Judy loves to inspire her customers to enjoy all things unique and handmade.


Repurposer, Crafter

Jaclyn has a passion for seasonal stylings which incorporate vin-tique bits from her sewing space! Her Snowman button art and ornaments are handmade in her home studio and are exclusive to the ReTwist-T store! They are available for a short time so stop by soon and find your Snow Mate!

The Design Team


Illustrator, Crafter

Cathryn, one of our student artists, has a heart for quirky, vintage, and posh. She enjoys capturing a bit of nostalgia and "youthful whimsy" in her pieces and has aspirations to illustrate children's literature!

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Photographer, Painter

Angelica, student artist extraordinaire, has a heart for DIY and natural living. She travels with the team over the summer and focuses her efforts on photography, writing and abstract expressionism. Follow along with her college adventures in her lifestyle blog at: aybare.wixsite.com/findyourspark, you are sure to be challenged and inspired!

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Florist, Designer

Stemmed From Grace!

Jill works from her home studio creating delightful artificial flower arrangements for every occasion. Her arrangements are available at the ReTwist-T store as well as at several area craft shows. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information! You can find Stemmed From Grace on Facebook.

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Curator, Reclaimer

Introducing, Our Friendly Neighbor! Amber has a passion for cool and quirky stylings with memoir flair! She is one of a team of vin-tique curators who travel the countryside looking for that one thing you were looking for. She has a special heart for unique kitchen tools, worn books that tell good stories, and generally all things reflective of good times past. If you are looking for something specific in fun and funky home decor, be sure to let her know!

The Craft Team


Repurposer, Woodworker

Introducing, R&D Designs!

Ron and Denise held the original vision for this artistic adventure and work together to fulfill customized requests and to create many of the one-of-a-kind reclaimed and re-styled furnishings you find in the ReTwist-T store. In addition Ron's custom framing skillfully accentuates Denise’s artistic reflections. The outcome are rustic pieces and functional flair that instantly let customers know they are part of the family!


Metalworker, Craftsman

Introducing, The Wood-n-Horseshoe!

Loren, a.k.a. "Jigger Boss", states he looks forward trading his hat for a welding helmet from time to time. He enjoys dragging junk home and modifying it slightly to reflect his personality and hopes to enrich lives with his artistic license, or at least bring a smile! He takes inspiration from his great-uncle and Father, who were both phenomenal welders. He primarily wire-feed welds and horseshoes are his primary medium, which are sourced from a local farrier.  Loren's work is exclusively available at ReTwist-T, but he also loves custom requests - Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

Milo & Vicki

Metalworker, Repurposer

Introducing, Stonehouse Metal Sculptures Etc. Milo and Vicki are a team of makers refashioning metal into delicate sculptures, woolen wear into adoptable kittens, and a wide range of other unique creations. Although the team continues to display their work at local art and craft fairs, many of their pieces can be found only at ReTwist-T!