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Ingredients: Embroidery hoop, fabric and vintage costume jewelry.


Instructions: Gather hoop of desired size and attach fabric. Blend jewelry together with stitching and glue to create the owl's face.
Hoot-y Who!

Serving Suggestion: Display in your office or studio for inspirational wisdom.

Hoop Owls

Ingredients: Basket, fabric strips and coordinating fabric pieces (ex. old tablecloth, napkins or placemats).


Instructions: Create a unique picnic basket by attaching a fabric lining on the inside (old napkins or quilt pieces work well). Tie coordinating ribbons to the handles.


Serving Suggestion: Garden Gathering Baskets make giving yummy gifts even better!

Garden Gathering

Ingredients: Vintage utensil and jewelry.


Instructions: Blend together with glue and colorful wire. Let sit until dry. Voila!

Serving Suggestion: Display in potted houseplants for a splash of whimsy.


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