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10 Reasons to Pamper

Statistically speaking, February is the coldest month of the year, but don't let that get you down. After all, it's almost Valentine's Day! Whether you're celebrating alone, with a special someone, or it's a family affair...we have some super cute ways to get pampered!!! Pampering can help to prevent many physical and emotional health concerns, as well as reduce chronic pain symptoms. AND pampering can even happen right in the comfort of your own home!


REASON #1: Taking breaks improves productivity and promotes self-reflection.

  • Set the mood for your break. Take 5 minutes to sip on your favorite coffee or tea and imagine you are somewhere warm--Maybe even light a candle...something with a 'happy place' name and scent is perfect!

** We suggest "Seaside Serenity" or "Sultry Botanicals" by Bailiwick Creations

REASON #2: A good daily workout routine can help you feel happier, more energized, and it promotes healthy skin! Set aside 30 minutes in the morning to get your heart rate up with an invigorating aerobic workout. Before bed, wind down with a relaxing 30 minute yoga routine.

  • Prefer getting out of the house for your morning or evening stretch? Check out some local fitness centers and get involved in some in-person or virtual classes!

REASON #3: Relaxing music improves sleep, eases muscle tension and reduces stress and

anxiety. Set up a relaxing space and take some time to tune in to your favorite music.

REASON #4: Surfing the web promotes creative thinking and connectivity with friends and loved ones. Settle in and scroll through Pinterest, or see how many times you can solve Solitaire! Whatever helps you relax and tune out for a bit.

REASON #5: A cute little manicure keeps your hands all smooth and healthy and makes you feel happy every time you catch a glimpse of your pretty, little fingers!

  • Check out one of the nail salons in town or tackle a self-manicure!

** ReTwist-T can help with massage oil and body lotion bars by Simple Valley Creations. Then finish the look with a vin-tique button ring by Our Friendly Curator!

  • We love our men out there too...manly hands can be soft and supple!

**We've got you covered with Cocoa Butter and Winter Bliss lotion bars by Badger Valley!

REASON #6: Settling in all comfy and cozy on the couch with a bucket of popcorn, a slushie drink and a good movie gives you time to check out completely from reality or learn about the world around you. Either sure to add extra butter to that popcorn!!!

Also, we think you need an amazing vin-tique afghan to throw over their lap to snuggle down into at the scary parts, right?!

REASON #7: Losing yourself in a great book increases empathy, alleviates depression and

strengthens your brain! Vintage reads are great too or check out our Free Little Library.

  • Plug in your wax melter and sit back and relax.

**Beeswax melts by Simple Valley Creations or soy wax melts by Bailiwick should do the trick!

REASON #8: Set aside some time to relax back in a cozy spa room and treat yourself to a rejuvenating facial! Facials reduce stress, prevents the affects of aging and refreshes the skin...which we need in this crazy cold weather!!!

  • If you're just not ready to venture out to the spa, you can try out some self-facial techniques or wrangle in your bestie (or special someone) and check out some YouTube tutorials!

**Set the mood with a Spa Candle set from Fox Ridge and don't forget about those men in your that beard some love with Beard Oil by Badger Valley.

REASON #9: Drinking 1 glass of wine per day reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke, who knew?! Wine contains natural antioxidants to boost your immune system.

REASON #10: Soaking in a warm bath or hanging out in a hot, steamy shower improves circulation to relieve muscle tension while promoting relaxation, which ultimately helps you fall asleep faster!

**We have some great additions to your special bathtub time--Bar Soaps and Body Butters by Badger Valley are especially lovely!

And there you have it--Let the Pampering commence!!!


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