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A Mother's Meanderings

The ReTwis-T Team is all about the tools of creativity - paint, buttons, yarn...and words. In honor of Mother's Day, for your reading pleasure: "A Mother's Meanderings"...

"You are going to to be a Mother," she heard the doctor say. Little did she know how much her life would change that day. Wonder. Stress. Anticipation. Until the day arrives. With intense jubilation the little bundle is held up with pride! Now the real tale begins of how much a body can endure of screaming, feeding, diaper pins and numerous ills that have no cure. Then, just as the storm had passed and 'bibble-babble' became words at last, the Baby Fairy struck in the night and another bundle soon saw the light.

Now there were two to fill up her day. Cartoons, naps and imaginative play. The Mother, of course, adored her two dolls, but she couldn't help but ponder: Where'd they find all that dirt? What caused them to fall? Why did they fight? She wondered.

Let us not forget the last one that came along to make the Father smile. Still no sleep, no quiet, not peaceful dawn; but she promised herself it was all worthwhile. More dirt, more bruises and more fights too! More games, more balls, more trucks, tractors and dolls. The Mother would have preferred to live in a zoo than run herself raged wiping crayon off the walls. The children grew, as all children do, with activities far and near. There were concerts, games and plays to go to and her pride she shared with all who could hear.

Of course this story could go on and on tracing each winding path and bridge and phase. Instead let me break it down for everyone how Mother is special in so many ways: She is family physician, teacher, artist. Referee in war and laughter in peace. Respected psychiatrist, warrior of prayer, she has been, is and always will be there.

Happy Mother's Day!

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