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The Picnic Case

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I was trying to think of a fun summer outing for the ladies in the family. After a lengthy discussion (and lots of laughter) we finally decided to go on a picnic. A picnic? I know, right? No one even does that anymore. Sigh. Of course, since a picnic sounded like so much fun we decided to do it right away that day! Did I mention we're a bit of a spontaneous bunch? My mom, known for her great snacks, brought a basket of cookies. My daughter ran to get her favorite pink "tea party" blanket. Cute! I, of course, brought the sandwich fixings and wine in my cute carrier. (I mean, who can have a picnic party without wine? Right?) My sister, always the sensible one, looked at the pile of goodies, pointed out that we had a significant walk to our picnic spot and would need something to carry all our stuff in. We stood looking forlornly at our goodies...and then she had an idea! She ran inside and brought out one of her forgotten suitcases - Amazing! It was big enough to carry our blanket, dishes and sandwich stuff. Perfection! We were on our way and had a delicious day!

The moral of the story - take time for a picnic (we have extra Cases if you need one!)

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