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Call For Creativity!

The next show is fast approaching and we are in a bit of a panic! All our Carafe Carriers are neatly stitched and ready. We have kni-T'd scarves of every color, we have painted saws, blinged chimes and transformed books into something really cute. Wait....What?! Oops! I mean, something really cute and should come to the show and see it! Really though. we gotta stay focused! Back to the reason for panic. We have all these vintage suitcases sitting around and want to ReTwist them. You know, "ReTwist", as in give them the courage to ReLive as something unique, Sigh. Ok, for example: Some we have created PicniQuilts and Carafe Carriers and Twis-T'd the Case to match - the perfect picnic, in a box. I mean, Case! Others have found their true calling as a Creativi-T Case - - ReTwis-T'd and ready for your knitting yarn, paintbrushes, music or whatever strikes your fancy! Now what? We have beautiful red cases, yellow cases and blue cases, (Oh my!) So...What would your "ReTwist" be? That's right, this is a Call for Creativity!

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