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Clean Spring-ing

Spring is officially here! I mean, the calendar says it is so that's all the proof I need, right? Let's see a show of hands for those of you who love Spring Cleaning. Ok, "love" may be a strong word for that activity so how about "plan for" spring cleaning? At ReTwist-T we call it "Clean Spring-ing" and we both plan for and love it! We recently moved our Drawing Room studio space -- a long awaited adventure. Seems we have been painting and scrubbing for weeks, but it is so exciting to finally unpack the boxes and find all those long forgotten treasures. Our Creativi-T Board is now FULL of fresh ideas that we are excited to share with you! We will be at the re:Craft and Relic Spring Show in Milwaukee on April 22 and 23 with all your favorites: Bit-O-SaweeTs, HooT Hoop Owls and PockaBooks, Since it's Spring (and the outdoors is calling!) we will also have a selection of our beautiful Breezy Bells, U-Tin-sils and other Patio Props. Finally, in honor of Mother's Day (May 14) ReTwist-T will be featuring hats of all kinds: Tea Cups, Ties, Doilies, Magnets...aren't you curious? I know, we are too! Check out our Market Dates for all the places we will be in the weeks ahead. Anyone interested in a ReTwist-T Open House? Let us know! Now, back to the Clean Spring-ing. Enjoy!

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