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Rock Gardens and Aged Spades

Ah! The sun is out!

When I was younger I would have grabbed my favorite book and run out to a warm patch of lawn and flopped down for a blissful day of reading. Things were so simple then!

As a teenager the summer sun still motivated me to do something relaxing, usually in the form of playing piano or reading in a window. I didn't want to go outside and be bothered by the bugs or the scratchy grass or the bright light! I preferred filtered light or, better yet, sunset. Ha!

As a young adult with kids running around my feet I had dreams of a constant load of fresh produce from my garden. My kids will tell you I was only successful at creating a rock garden. It was likely the most beautiful in town though it didn't do much to help our desire for more fresh vegies!

Nowadays as soon as the sun comes out I hang my chimes, put my yard bling on display and fill my flower pots. I grab a good book and sit on my patio with my sun hat and sweet tea. There is really nothing more exciting than the first hints of summer time. So I encourage you to get outside and do something fun! Oh, and if you're looking for some new yard bling, be sure to visit us at the Art Farm in June!

~Love, ReTwist-T

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