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Tattered Tales and Rummage Sales

paintings on barn board, wine bottle lamp, glass bath salt dish

Have I mentioned how crazy the ReTwist-T creative process can be? Over the past several weeks we have challenged each other to either put together something new or "upcycle" an old idea into something fabulous. Sounds fun, right? Well.....Speaking as an observer (and less than enthusiastic participant) the ReTwist-T team love to be challenged way too much. Either way, every spare moment and each weekend in between has found us traveling near and far seeking items bearing quirky and unique inspirational qualities. We pulled a regally rusted wagon from our new favorite vintage shop (thank you Eclectic Treasures!), settled on a set of mismatch chairs from a rummage sale in a distant town, paged through a pile of tattered tales from the library book sale, rolled away with a metal skate from a second hand store and finished with a dollop of discarded dishes to sweeten the adventure. We meet back at the Drawing Room tired, happy and ready to ReTwist it all into some surprising new treasures!

Curious what we crea-T'd? Have an idea to share? Visit our booth at an upcoming Market Date, check out our website or follow us on Facebook. We'd love to hear from you!

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