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Froze-y? Woven Cozy!

Road trips in winter. Everything is the same drab colors of white snow and barren brown trees and slushy gray sky. Yuck! And its so cold everywhere. Why is that even necessary? And then there is the overall temperature of the car. This is where the real story begins. He wants it cold, I want it warm. Turn on the vent to keep my hands from freezing and my feet turn into ice blocks. To ease the pain I start singing songs from Frozen. See, road trips in winter don't agree with me! Doesn't matter though, I'm still sitting in the car speeding along the interstate...when what to my wandering eyes should appear, but a bag full of yarn that I'm taking to mother dear! Yessss! My creative mind kicks in. This could be fun! I grab the bag and proceed to burrow through, seeking the perfect yarn with a color and texture that will warm my soul. (Everyone else in the car is certain that I have officially lost it, but wait for it. I have a plan. Trust me!) These three colors will do (I can't decide on just one) - - Let the arm knitting commence! A few miles closer to our destination and I am happily humming warm weather songs as my Woven Cozy slowly stretches across my lap, then my legs, and finally my feet. The burst of color makes my heart happy and the added warmth reminds me of days in the summer sun. As I tie the last piece in place I sit back, satisfied with my success. I drowsily close my eyes and imagine using my newly knitted creation as a shawl to match my favorite hat, or an accessory to brighten my favorite chair, or a sassy skirt over leggings or.....I doze off, still dreaming of the warmest of ReTwist'd possibilities!

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