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Recipe to [Avoid] Disaster

I don't know about you, but my creative mind prefers warm weather. I really know Spring needs to hurry up when I have a show in two weeks and I'm standing in the middle of my craft room in a daze. There are bits and pieces of everything...everywhere. The boards from last year's remodeling project, dusty old chairs rescued from someone's curb, a pile of vintage windows from a fellow up-cycler, colorful upholstery fabric overflowing its cardboard box and even some knobs picked up some time or another from my favorite treasure store. "C'mon", I sigh to my lazy cat, "this will all make sense if we take it one piece at a time." A few hours later I have separated my piles of pieces into interesting combinations. Then I sit down and make notes to remind myself what creative transformation they would undergo over the next few days. I want my 2018 booth to really highlight my love for re-craft, vintage and repurposed finery and I'm certain these random parts and pieces are the ticket to make my vision a reality. {Insert sawing, brushing, banging & sewing sound effect here} Well, the next show is now one week away. The last bit of paint is drying, aprons are ironed, glass is polished - - The only item remaining on the to-do list has YOUR name on it! The Galloway Gallery and ReTwist-T teams are officially reminding you to stop by our SpringFest booths this weekend and see how a little creativity, and warm weather, can make great things happen. See you soon!

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