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Re-Twisted Recipe

I’ve been trying to get out to my studio for the past few weeks, but the weather outside is frightful! No, my studio isn’t outside, but the cold temperatures tend to make my work space less comfortable. I wander off, seeking out some comfy nook in the house that offers perpetual warmth and is sizeable enough for crafting. I find myself standing in the middle of the kitchen, mentally rearranging things into a temporary studio. Yes, this will work nicely! My husband, being the sweet man that he is, helps me move the table, the seedlings I hope to one day put in a garden (c’mon sunshine!) and several large pieces of décor before retreating to his space to relax. He doesn’t always appreciate how the rearrangement of the house boosts my creative energy! I triumphantly survey my new warm and sunny kitchen-studio and wonder what repurposed concoction would be most satisfying to prepare. Fifteen minutes later I am stirring my pomegranate tea with a cute little vintage spoon I found at a garage sale last summer and an idea begins to brew. I have a box full of mismatch silverware and several baggies of old jewelry that I’m certain have the potential to blend together into something sweet. A bit of wire….pliers…a dab a glue, or two….floral bling…a label thing and…voila! I call it, “U-Tin-sil”. I proceed to decorate each of my seedling containers with a fork-style row marker that now more cute-ly indicates which garden goodies are planted there. What a happy day! I clean the counter, hang my apron and skip downstairs to wake my snoozing sweetie and share with him the success of my re-twisted recipe. Bon Appetit!

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