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The Paisley Puzzle

On a sunny day not so long ago I was rummaging through my storage unit with no particular goal in mind. When, in the bottom of one of the boxes, I made a curious discovery. Peering into the harvest orange and avocado green color scheme of the handful of neckties I was suddenly transported into my industrious six-year-old self carefully connecting every piece of furniture in the house with each belt and tie I could get my pudgy hands on! I would play in the middle of my abstract architecture endlessly…or at least until my parents wanted to be able to sit down again.

With a nostalgic sigh I found myself back in a more disorderly domain. I had no idea why the tangle of tweed and polyester lay before me that day, but it was clear I had to do something innovative with them. Like what exactly? I had no idea. At home I laid them across the table, couch and chair like a long paisley puzzle and set to work designing and pinning and sewing. The first carefully crafted Tie’d Tote eventually emerged from my sewing machine. The prototype was perfect! I called my mom and my sister and my daughter to share my giddy excitement and provide a full report on the many uses of my new creation. “This purse can match so many outfits!” I exclaimed. “I could make them in different sizes, colors, themes…the possibilities are endless. And, the best part is, they’re unique!” As I sank into satisfied slumber later that night I marveled at how the time-worn ties had once again provided a creative connection.

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