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A Simple Purple Splash

A place called simplicity.

I have often longed for such a place, as I wearily watch my children make a race

of filling my house with calamity.

My eyes are dazed

I see me at three with a cracker jack prize for all to see.

But, bedtime was despised and I hated sharing toys when I was three.

A place called simplicity.

Perhaps when I turned ten, surely all was simple then.

Milk break, the bookmobile, the world was mine - - no big deal!

But, spelling bees, they made me tense, and my homework never, ever made sense.

My mind wanders, still searching for that peaceful place

Passing years and times and seasons,

I walk the halls of Middle School, but do not tarry long,

there is a place where "simplicity" becomes an oxymoron!

Guess jeans, prom, tons of hairspray! High School really was a hey day.

The place where 'future' becomes a word; the only problem: I was a nerd.

Another scratch for a simple place.

Faster now as time quickens pace.

I shake my head and clear my eyes, I return to my world only to find

the floor is covered with - - orange rind?

Little pink handprints lead to the door where a puddle of kool-aid brightens the floor.

My purple soap is missing a bite as my daughter crawls by with great delight.

My little boy has disappeared around the corner, as I had feared.

A moment of simplicity.

Is such a place to be had in all of this calamity?

Of course, when they go to bed!

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