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Peripheral Vision

I woke up that Saturday morning a couple weeks ago with my mind set on the goal of being creative and, in order to do so, I would need to work on my ability to see things from a new angle. I wandered around my house looking for something to get me started down the perspective path. I began by cooking breakfast, followed by washing dishes, then laundry, cleaning and vacuuming. With all that done I stepped out onto the deck with a cup of tea and collapsed into my chair with a disappointed sigh. There wasn’t even one small thing in all of that activity that had served to inspire me. I took another sip of tea, closed my eyes and tried to relax and embrace this rare quiet moment. But it wasn’t quiet. I could hear someone mowing their lawn, kids playing basketball, the low hum of traffic and quacking. Quacking? My eyes flew open and I peered in the direction of our little pond. An entire family of ducks, I gasped. The little ducklings were adorable! I did my best to quietly step into my house and grab the camera – I couldn’t miss this opportunity. The ducks were now marching proudly past my house and I was on my belly on the deck, hiding behind the flower pots with my camera aimed at the fluffy parade. And that’s what did it. I not only captured the ducks, I captured the willow tree fronds, a yellow bird in a puddle, a couple of curious clouds and the pile of pots that helped me to find a new angle.

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