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Show Day: Top 10

Preparations for our next Mobile Market Shop are in full swing! How do we prepare for such an adventure other than months worth of art and repurposed creativity? Here are our top 10 show day activities:

1. Eat Breakfast

  • Experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we take that very seriously. We are often on the road before sunrise, but boiled eggs, toast and coffee (LOTS of coffee!) work great!

2. Dress for the Day

  • Check the weather and dress accordingly. We recommend layers (including a jacket or sweater), galoshes for the morning and comfy shoes for the rest of the day. You may even want to consider adding a hat, sunscreen and bug spray.

3. Stay Hydrated

  • We can't stress how important this is! Best plan, drink water.

4. Don't forget the money!

  • Yes, this has happened. Don't ask.

5. Parts & Pieces

  • A good practice is creating a checklist of all the booth parts and pieces you need and have the list(s) handy while packing up before the show. We have a list of items needed at our cash register area, our booth display racks and tents, and individual product display sections.

6. Arrive Early

  • If you are in a show with an option to set up day before, this is ideal. If set up occurs morning of show, you may avoid additional stress by arriving early rather than trying to share unload space with your next door booth mates.

7. Keep Track of Time

  • Be set up on time so your smile is ready to go when your first customer arrives. Eat your lunch during the 'lunch lull' so your smile is ready when your after-lunch customers arrive. Don't pack up too early so your smile is get the idea...

8. Price Tags

  • To be honest, this bullet point should probably be higher on the list. Price tags are critical! Best practice is to attach them before packing for the show. If you can't, then do them right away when you unpack at the show. Price tags are like pinning a smile on your products! Customers feel you are professional and prepared.

9. Quality Check

  • Being certain that your products are customer-ready should occur both during the creative process and throughout the show. A quality check involves verifying each product is presented at the highest level of potential - no unsightly dents, scratches, wrinkles or offensive odors.

10. Photography

  • There are endless uses for photos taken at the show: social media posts, future show applications, tracking inventory and sales, or creating business memoirs. Be sure the camera or phone is charged and has a clean memory card. To avoid accidental deleting, best practice is to print the photos soon after the show.

That's all there is to it - the Mobile Market is ready to go! Have something to add? We'd love to hear how you prep for a show!

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