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Booth Theme Inspiration: #1

At one point, early in our country living days, we had arrived home with our first two cows. We were giddy with the excitement of this new adventure! Cows are often described as gentle, beautiful, even lowly and over the next few weeks we would create our own descriptors as well. For the sake of time let's just say - - they were WILD! We had purchased two heedless, hoof kicking heifers that ran amuck across every far reaching corner of our property. In fact, the moment we had set them loose they had lolloped over the hillside and out of site. The day came when we decided it was time to find the bounding bovine's and called in some help from a friend with a horse. We spent an afternoon at the kitchen table mapping out our strategy. The property was large and there were hoof prints everywhere - how could we ever track the beasts! Our insightful friend pointed out the small pond might offer a solution. We agreed and prepared for the stealthy mission. Very early in the morning (the sun was barely kissing the sky) the three of us, with as much stealth as possible, crackled through the cattails to hunker down in our hiding places around the pond. And waited. Seems hours went by, my weary eyes checked the sky and then...there they were! Our friend urged his horse into action, we launched from the muck and herded those cocky cattle into a truck!

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