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Booth Theme Inspiration: #2

I recall it was unusually warm that evening many summers ago when I went to play at my cousins farm. He was just a year older than I, bold, adventurous, with a contagious laugh! On this particular visit he promised to give me a full tour...we sized up the silo, bounded through the hay mow, peered into the milk tank and rode our Hotwheels from one end of the barn to the other. At the far end we came to a screeching halt before a door that opened to a blackness that seemed to reflect the night sky, without the stars. I should have noticed how he dropped his voice into a mysterious explanation about how the blackness beyond the door was actually a vortex that led to another world and only a truly brave person could activate it. They would have to tip toe past the bull pen, leap the gutter, and flip the grungy light switch on the wall. My eyes were wide with wonder. We sat there for a moment longer until he shook his head, turned and sadly rode away. My young mind raced with curiosity. How hard could it be? I wanted to prove to my cousin how brave I could be. I stood up, smoothed my dress, and...hop...leap...jump..."ka-thunk!" There wasn't enough time to consider the unearthly groan summoned by the switch when I flipped it on. In fact, I'm certain I couldn't hear, nor see, anything as the depths of fermenting, foul-smelling manure began gurgling and whirring and flying through the air with rapid abandon! In the distance I heard my cousin howling with laughter and realized, as I stood in a murky puddle with brown slime dripping from my braids, that the only place I would be transported today was to a bathtub with LOTS of soap.

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