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Winter Wardrobe Workout

Did you know that Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills each year?! Here are a few repurpose ideas to help the environment, and boost creativity, as you're working through your seasonal closet refresh!

Mason Cozy

Sweaters, shirts, blankets and jeans are some of the most amazing things! A tattered fleece makes a quick transformation into this Plum Smoothie Mason Cozy - keeps your jar of icy beverage at just the right temperature on those warm summer days.

Sweaters are especially easy to repurpose. There are literally thousands of ideas out there! We use sweater sleeves to create cute coverings on olive jar vases.

OR...With a bit of sewing, some buttons and lace, the sweater body can be fashioned into a cute hat, boot cuffs, or even doll clothes!

Dress shirts, jeans, even sheets, are just large pieces of fabric waiting to be used! Aprons, pillows, purses and unique home decor - The possibilities are simply endless!

Want to feel more of the creative flair? Check out our booth at an upcoming Market Date or send us a quick email. Happy crafting!

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