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Mother's Day Moments

Mother's Day Moments

Fun Mother Daughter Dates ReTwist-T Style!

1. Girls Night: You don’t have to go out to have fun. Invite all the family girls over, select your long-time favorite films from your DVD collection or Netflix and snuggle up on the couch. For an added twist create a snack counter with lots of mix in treats for your popcorn!

2. Treasure Hunt: What I love about this outing is that you can travel with a group of almost any size and spend as much, or as little, as you want. The goal is to go to local antique stores and find those long lost treasures that bring back stories of summer at the cabin or overnights at Grandma's.

3. Be creative together: We really love activities where all the ladies of the family can join in! On the simply fun side of things you can pull out the coloring books or paints for a colorful afternoon. Make the moment even better by adding in a snack-making session. Or go all out and attend a class together! Many local galleries, craft stores and coffee shops have quick classes and workshops to learn anything from pottery to calligraphy. Have fun!

4. Crafting for a Cause: How about a new twist on #3 (see above) - Get the girls together and make no-sew blankets, cards or crafts to deliver to local homeless shelters, pregnancy centers, nursing homes or children's hospitals!

5. Picnic and a Cruise: Cruise to your favorite hilltop hideaway, or take your bikes to the park, and have a picnic. If the weather is dreary, no fear! Build a blanket tent in the living room, spread out your snacks and watch a movie about faraway places.

6. Sitting Pretty: I personally love the idea of cooking together. You can go all out, dress up special, and have everything from cute appetizers all the way to decadent desserts! could go super simple and make tea and tiny PB&J sandwiches. Either way there will be hours of laughter-filled conversation.

7. Book Club: This is fun for all ages. Go to the local library or bookstore and find a cozy place to read a book together. Or you can just snuggle up at home, read your books, and share your observations. A twist on this idea is to gather your favorite old photos and put together an album or scrapbook to create your own Favorite Mother-Daughter Moments story!

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