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Tiny Gardening

You can't get your gardening on without an apron (I mean.. unless you LIKE dirt on your clothes). Ok, so you found your apron, great! Let's get to work. I am trying Tiny Gardening this year, so if you want to join me it's pretty simple. Gather some vintage flower pots or fill a container with dirt. Be sure there are drain holes to avoid your garden becoming a bird bath on rainy days! I love growing things from seeds (I got free ones from the library!) or small plants from the grocery store such as the herbs shown here. Another easy, and inexpensive method is using kitchen scraps! Yep - lots of veggies can be grown from leftovers: onions, garlic, potatoes, ginger and celery to name a few. Find all the instructional resources you need at your local library or favorite gardening blog. Finally, get your hands dirty! That's all there is to it. In a couple months you'll be able to step out on your deck and gather goodies into your bushel apron pocket for a fresh homemade meal. Happy planting!

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