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Easy Outdoor Upcycles

Citronella Incense Holder

Guests will be arriving tomorrow and my outdoor entertaining space amounts to a slab of cracked concrete. Yikes!

Never fear! We have a few ideas that will have you going from "boo" to "yeah" in 24 hours or less!

First, Brewskeeters. What's that, you say? Glad you asked! You can make this with or without a stand...tiered candle holders work well. Add bottles of your choice, fill with sand, add a few sticks of citronella incense and snap, crackle, pop! Your guests will cheer without pesky mosquitoes biting their ears. Your welcome!

Second, Furniture with flair. For this project you simply require paint and a chair. If you don't want to paint, a basket of flowers or other this-n-thats are great pieces of flair as well.

Third - - We are always here to help! Check out our booth at an upcoming Market Date or shoot us an email. Happy crafting!

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