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Father's Day Moments

Mother's Day Moments

Fun Daddy Dates ReTwist-T Style!

1. Pa-Pa Popcorn: This is a date that can be done as easily at home or out on the town and with as many family and friends as you want! Grab some popcorn and catch the latest blockbuster on Netflix. If you feel like going out, watching the latest release at the drive-in is an awesome date idea!

2. Star Gazing: What I love about this outing is that you can travel with a group of almost any size and spend as much, or as little, as you want. Pitch a tent in the backyard and check out all the amazing constellations in the night sky. The goal is to see if you can make it until morning without going in the house!

3. Create an Adventure: Grab some maps, snacks for the road and make a check list of all the things you want to find on the hike (acorns/pine cones/pretty stones). It will be even more fun if you get a little “lost” at one point and need to consult the map!

4. A Cause for Kindness: Get the fam together and make bird houses, flower pots or other crafty creations to deliver to local nursing homes or do volunteer yard work or gardening for a neighbor.

5. Picnic and a Cruise: Cruise to your favorite hilltop hideaway, or take your bikes to the park, for a fun lunch date. Pack sandwiches, watermelon, sweet treats and bottles of soda. Spread a blanket and dine al fresco.

6. Tea Party: I personally love the idea of a dainty afternoon tea. Perhaps dress up special and serve cute appetizers or decadent desserts. Or...go super simple and make tea and tiny PB&J sandwiches. Either way there will be hours of laughter-filled conversation.

7. Go Bananas: When I was young daddy dates always included sharing a banana split from Dairy Queen. Why not keep the tradition alive? Head to your favorite ice cream parlour or frozen yogurt place and grab a treat!

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