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Repurposed Camping

BrewSkeeter: This idea is quick, simple and the perfect solution when using citronella incense sticks to ward off pesky mosquitoes. Fill empty glass bottles with sand, insert the citronella stick - done! The citronella will safely burn down into the sand in the bottle. Add new sticks as needed. BrewSkeeters are great for camping or any outdoor entertaining!

Bucket o' Fun: We're thinking on the way out the door to your outdoor adventure just grab the random metal bucket, empty ice cream pail or plastic trash bin sitting around - you'll be glad you did! The number of uses is limitless: fire kindling holder, dish washing station, trashcan, carrying stuff to the shower room, and the list goes on!

Coffee in a Can: We're letting you in on our little secret coffee-making solution. Don't laugh. So we decided to go camping at the last minute and were desperately trying to figure out how to make coffee in the morning instead of using instant (yuck). The solution? A vintage flour sifter and a metal coffee can! We poured the boiling water over the grounds in the flour sifter and into the waiting can. There you have it - fresh brewed coffee!

Pine Cone Fire Starters: Pine cones (and pine needles) make great kindling. We went all out and dipped the cones in wax, sprinkled with sparkles and salt. Wait...salt? That's right! It's been said that different types of salt cause the flames to burn in different colors. I mean, in our mind that's reason enough to go through the work of making the pine cones pretty!

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