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ReTwist, ReTie, ReTry...Try Again

Keeping a team of 5, and a constantly changing "Mobile Market" store, all on the same page tends to be our greatest win and our greatest woe.

Our ReTwist-T adventure began a few years ago simply as a family of creative people wanting to make and sell cute things. That was the plan. We each sat in our own home studio blissfully making and painting and hammering and sewing. Show day arrived and it was like Christmas as each person opened the box carrying all the things they had carefully created - team members looked on with gasps of pleasant surprise. Four hours (or more) would pass by and we were still opening boxes and trying to set up the booth for the show, unable to decide where each piece should go. It was then that we realized we needed a method for our madness!

Several more months of trial and error passed until we discovered that setting a theme and color scheme was the secret to bringing us together to create as a team! Our first theme was "Coffee Shop & Bakery". All of our large products were created specifically to communicate our idea. Our smaller items were created to reflect things you might use or see in a bakery and coffee shop: coffee scented candles, vintage coffee pots, pot holders, and tea cups. To finish the look we covered our display tables with tan and cream fabric and we each dressed to match our theme, including an apron!

By setting a theme and color scheme we were able to be individually creative, but when we arrived at the show our booth looked cohesive. Each piece had a place, we could set up our booth in record time and the ReTwist-T Team was all smiles!

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