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Farm Fresh

People usually like something they can identify with. The same is true when it comes to farm animals, we often identify our favorite based on shared or similar qualities. What does that tell you about the ReTwist-T Team? Read our farm fresh list below and then you decide!

Cows and Chickens are at the top of our list, but can we relate with any of their special qualities?

Cows can sleep standing up, but can only dream lying down. (Who figured out cows could dream?) Some say they are more productive when listening to slow music. Cows communicate with their tales and have a moo accent that identifies where they're from. Finally, although I'm not sure this is important, cows poop more than 16 times each day. Thought you'd like to know.)

Chickens lay an average of 260 eggs per year and cluck to their babies while still in the egg. On the topic of egg laying, some say chickens with red ear lobes produce brown eggs and those with white ear lobes produce white eggs.

Next on the list, Pigs and Sheep.

Sheep have 4 stomachs that help them digest, similar to cows, and their fleece never stops growing.

Pigs like to sleep nose-to-nose and have a very good sense of smell. Their sensitive snout allows them to work well with farmers, police officers and soldiers. Pigs are very social and use grunts to communicate. The grunt-style is unique to the personality of the pig and helps them convey how they are feeling, communicate with their piglets and make friends with other animals.

Next up? Survey says...Quackers and Colts, Cats and Goats!

Duck females are very vocal and communicate with a variety of sounds. Male ducks are often silent.

Horses like to get around and make friends. Even their babies can walk and run within only a few hours of being born and often develop a strong bond with their owner.

Cats love to sing which is aided by their excellent hearing. Cats have more than 100 vocal sounds and 32 muscles in each ear which allows them to hear unique tones, such as ultrasound.

Goats were the first domesticated animals and would make a good contender in the animal long jump as they are very agile and can often jump more than 5 feet. Also the pupil of a goats' eye are rectangular. Weird.

Our next favorite farm animals are some with four legs, dogs, donkeys, alpacas and...mice? Just maybe we have something in common. Let's see:

Dogs have many great qualities! They have amazing eyesight, but see fewer colors. They have 10 vocal sounds (not as many as cats) and about 1,700 taste buds. The most unique trait, however, is that a dog's nose print is unique and can be used just like a finger print!

Donkeys are a little more plain, except for their eyes which are conveniently placed in such a way that they can see all their legs at the same time. (Not sure why this is a thing. Thoughts?)

Alpacas are applauded for their gentle, curious and social nature. They do have unique communication habits as they spit when distressed and utter a shrieking hum in the face of danger!

Mice may be small, but strive to survive with determination even going to the extreme by eating their own tail in order to avoid starvation! (Ok...not sure if that quality is cool or just plain gross.)

Almost done, but didn't want to forget things with wings - Turkeys, Geese, Ostriches, Emus and Bees!

Turkeys have a poor sense of smell, but an excellent sense of taste. Can anyone relate?

Geese choose a mate for life.

Ostriches have two toes on each foot which helps them run faster than horses!

Emus can't fly, but they have two eyelids in each eye.

Bees are the most unique animal in this group, I think. Honeybees have been around for 30 million years. Bumblebees have hair on their eyes. And did you know there is also a bee called a "Dumbledore"? Need I say more?

I hope you found some tidbit to which you could relate because, from our perspective, farm animals are truly great!

Want to learn more fun facts about country critters? Check out these helpful resources:

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