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T's Weekly Tease: Shop Hop Till You Drop!

This week at ReTwist-T...

The R&D Designs team are working on tables! They've upgraded an adorable white farmhouse table, stained and painted a Greek Oregano drop leaf beauty, and vin-tiqued a square stand -- Phew! Work well done. Also, don't miss their Deep Pacific dresser set!

Teresa and her "vin-tique" decor is currently working on vintage wine bottle lamps in honor of the Sauk Hop Sauk City Wine Walk, adorable cork ornaments, and so much more! Special this week are treats and coffee from Mixing Bowl Bakery in honor of the Vintage Shop Hop!

Tanya, the Twist-T Traveler, has been roaming the roads searching for fab finds - current fave: an eclectic owl cookie jar. It's a hoot!

Find Lindsey and her Bailiwick Candle Creations at Reedsburg Fireman Department Arts and Craft Show & Chili Luncheon this weekend!

Theresa has brought more of her wonderful woven baskets to our little store! We have a variety of sizes, shapes and styles - in crisp fall colors, of course!

Our student artist is at school working on graphic-style painting and print-making! Check out her Instagram at #ancientdoorsdesigns for more inspiration!

Stay tuned for our upcoming November events!

More fun coming next week so stay tuned. Hope you can stop by and "Pull Up A Chair"....See you soon!

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