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T's Weekly Tease: Wet Paint

This week at ReTwist-T...

We are putting on the paint-prons (a.k.a. Paint Aprons) and getting messy! Team work days are this weekend, so hold on to your hats. What's in the works? Glad you asked!

R&D Designs are leading the charge with some new and exciting furnishings getting a Re-Twist. We've got a new, petite, hall tree on the workbench, some special projects getting fixed, seasonal chairs on the artist's desk, and this new blue dry sink now looking its best! (I don't have space to share all the rest, just stop by the store for surprises galore).

Tanya is roaming from St. Paul to Moline, seeking out treasures to be transformed to cute things by...

...Ms Teresa, in the studio with her magic wand! She's re-shaping, re-twisting, and getting little re-things done!

Angelica will be in store this weekend again, with more fine art greetings in hand!

Joining us this week are quilts by Aunt Diann...her handiwork will be available more often, at least that's the plan.

Lindsey brought new Bailiwick candle scents to the store that make every room smell fresh from ceiling to floor.

Theresa is making baskets before the winter winds blow - look for her at the HolidayFest Madison Show!

New things are coming, perhaps soaps....perhaps stitches, also holiday decor to reflect joyful wishes!

See you soon!

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