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T's Weekly Tease: It's A Sign

Oh happy day!

Big news this week - we have a sign! It's official! Huge thank you to our parents, Ron and Denise, and our friends, Mike and Connie, for all their hard work and encouragement in getting us to this point! Now, on to more new adventures!

Speaking of adventures, our "official" Grand Opening is Thursday, November 21st! The event is from 4pm-7pm with lots of fun, sales, and snacks - the Ribbon Cutting is at 5:00pm hosted by the Sauk-Prairie Chamber of Commerce! Check out the event on our website or the chamber site to register. Hope to see you there!

In other news...

R&D Designs are working on custom projects for our fun-loving fans! They also have some other goodies like hall trees and night stands.

Our fine artists are working their creative finesse on all the artsy things they love best. Denise is drawing snowmen and creating Christmas chairs; Angelica is practicing relief-printing with a dualist artistic flair.

We love to share local talent in our little shop as well! Lindsey is crafting more delicious Bailiwick soy candles - current flavor fave: Mandarin Cranberry. Theresa the weaving wonder is working on baskets galore! Many are featured in the Guest Gallery at the store. Jaclyn started the seasonal decorating frenzy with her adorable snowman ornaments - so vin-tique!

The entire team got in on the action this week roaming the roads to find surprising new treats. Keep your eyes open for bells, shakers, trees, and books, postcards, sparkles, and gifts for cooks.

It is with great anticipation that we finish up this week with Teresa running around Christmas-ing the reTwist-T Boutique! She's being waiting patiently to pack away pumpkins, ghosts, and bats so she can go full throttle with glitter, snow, and all things sparkly, at last!

Check out the home page, our upcoming events are listed there - you won't want to miss an opportunity to stop by and "Pull Up A Chair".

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