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T's Weekly Tease: Pause & Reflect

This week we set out to find something new despite the unpredictable weather and swings in mood. Every great work begins with a though, so curious and inspiring is what we sought. One of the scenes we observed with our eyes was a river frozen in time of wood, dirt, and ice. What thoughts were provoked? What memories came to mind? What emotions could be evoked with the right media and creative time!

The team accepts the challenge, we'll see where it ends. The sky is the limit at the moment we begin!

R&D Designs are working on ornaments and shelves. We're beginning to suspect they really are Santa's elves!

Teresa is working magic in her realm of Make-n-Do. She is also thinking of hiding an Elf On A Shelf for you! She is also planning specials for the upcoming events. Stay tuned! This is going to be fun you won't want to miss!

Tanya has been especially crafty this week making aprons that are durable, fun, and unique!

Our Winter Wonderland is growing with holiday florals from Jill, and new Bailiwick candles - our senses are in a whirl! Badger Valley Soaps given as a gift would be grand, along with an Oven Bib towel for fashionably drying your hands! We also have ornaments galore sprinkled around our store, everything from paintings to buttons to kitchen decor!

I'm all out of time for writing more lines - hope you can stop by, "Pull Up a Chair", and chat sometime!

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