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T's Weekly Tease: Time Flies!

This week was prime for fun flying time! Want to hear about it? I'm sure you want to know. All right. O.K. Well here we go!

The Grand Opening was great! Thank you for stopping by to celebrate! Just remember the fun around here never ends so please come in - we love making new friends!

New products this week include Screenprint goodies by County T, Loren's Country Cowboy sculptures are simply sublime, and of course there are new furnishings by R&D Designs. Our "Picker" Team are out scouting for vin-tiques such as records, shakers, and all things unique! What we're watching for right now are pieces of flair, like old jewelry, don't toss it - Drop it off here!

All our amazing vendors are also attending area craft shows. Be sure to stop by and tell them, "Hello"!

I'm all out of time to write more today. See you next weekend for Small Business Saturday!

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