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T's Weekly Tease: Overstuffed

Holidays at ReTwist-T can get pretty crazy when all the creative minds get together! There is endless laughing and talking and playing jokes on each other. How was Thanksgiving for all of you? We would love to hear your news!

As I mentioned, the fun just doesn't stop around here. This week we are thankful for new crafty folks joining our team!

- Jess, from Southern Wisconsin, has her sweater mittens on display. Your hands will be warm every day!

- Catherine, a college student by night and crafter by day, has some fun flair coming your way! She fashions cute little pins, rings, and things, as well as greeting cards for holiday gifting!

- We also have a delivery of new funky finds from all our vin-tique curators roaming the roads! If you're looking for gift items, ReTwist-T is the place to go!

Small Business Saturday was a huge success - thank you for stopping by and making our day the very best!

Coming up on December 14th is our very first annual Tinsel and Treats! The day is guaranteed fun so be sure to stop in for our live music, prizes, and chili with fix-ins!

That's all for now, gotta go get to craftin'. Tune in next week for all the news that is happenin'!

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