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T's Weekly Tease: Holly-Day

Another week down in ReTwist-T town and we accomplished the feat of Tinsel & Treats! Saturday was grand with the visiting Holly Jolly fans eating chili, shopping, and enjoying fun without stopping.

So what else is going on, I mean, what else is happening behind the scenes?

  • R&D Designs is working on special orders, like a re-twisted bench. Stop by our gallery room for more of their handiwork hints.

  • We have lots of vin-tique furniture on the showroom floor, we'll also try to share it with you in our online store.

  • We are making and painting wood ornaments galore, don't forget to stop by and pick up one...or more!

  • The Artisan Team (soap, candles, and baskets) make great gift box items and they are all hand-fashioned.

  • The Stylist Team are stitched to impress, beginning with those mittens made by Jess. We also have knit hats from Our Friendly Neighbor and tea towels to match every kitchen's decorative flavor. Finally, we have quilts from Auntie D and cute bags and pillows by County T.

  • The Design Team continues to make everything pretty with flowers, and ornaments and cards that are glittery!

  • The Craft Team is growing! We'll have new things next week! Check out our Curator's Cuties and metalwork that is truly unique.

Again, thank you to all who visit our community and stop by our store. We love to meet you, chat with you....and hope you keep coming back for more!

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