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A Case for the Country

It's perhaps a little known fact that I grew up a country girl. When I was very young we lived in Iowa on a little acreage with a cow in the pasture. Then we moved to Wisconsin and lived on several farmettes and country homes with beautiful views. From the time I was barely able to walk I would clamor for any opportunity to climb in the backpack and ride around with my dad on his tractor. I am told that I would toddle over to the backpack and attempt to swing my pudgy baby leg inside the seat if I heard a hint of the tractor starting! As I got older my dad spent time teaching me all the important country facts like Case tractors are the best, cows don't stink, and those lonely trees out on the edge of the field are great for picnics when the plowing is done. I love my dad's passion for the country and that he took the time to share that passion with me so that I can now share it with you! So get outside, take a drive, breath in the fresh air and enjoy the view!


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