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A Handful of Art

Do you remember your first painting? In my opinion you are never too young to explore the arts, so when my children were still toddlers I snuggled them in to their booster chairs and proceeded with their first art lesson. The goal was to tell them a story and have them create a little picture as the story went along. We started with green finger-paint (I think I may have used mashed peas) and smeared them with great vigor across the bottom of the construction paper. They were absolutely loving this fun new sensory experience! We then made a sky, squishing blueberries with little fists. The sky was splotchy, but the laughter in the room was bliss! Little spots of fingertip color for flowers and some animal shaped squiggles munching the grassy peas. My baby girl wanted clouds in her sky, but I was out of veggies and she started to cry! My quick, creative solution was a dab of glue and a cotton ball puff. I ran to the bathroom and rummaged through stuff. I emerged victorious and placed the 'cloud' into her hands, she smushed it onto her picture, but it didn't stick and.....

...The next thing I knew she had it aimed at her mouth like a giant marshmallow! With swift gentle action I pulled the sticky fluff from those pudgy fingers, nice and slow. Sometimes the best paintings happen this way - with love, giggles, and a little time to play.

Memories like this are what motivate me to continue seeing life creatively. So what about you? What do you see? I encourage you to share your ideas with someone. Or stop by, 'Pull up a chair', and share them with me!

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