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Artist Spotlight: Galloway Gallery

Just another fluffy chic viewing the Midwest with a flourish of paint.

About the Artist:

Denise is a studio artist working primarily in acrylics. Inspired by the country views of the Midwest and her lifetime passion for visual expression, she uses wood and hardwood furnishings as the base of her creations.

Her dedicated, versatile and focused career has allowed Denise to accomplish many forms of visual arts practices. Her expertise in photoshoot direction, marketing design, and visualizations for engineering prototypes provides the backbone for the art direction and furniture design she now provides as an important component of the ReTwist-T Studios.

An accomplished Studio Artist, Denise continues to participate in Gallery Presentations and Art Exhibitions, with works held in a number of private collections across the Midwest. She invites you to stop by and share her artistic vision within the Galloway Gallery space at ReTwist-T.

About the Art:

Available as...

  • Wall Art - Framed Paintings and Prints

  • Wood Signs - Indoor and Outdoor

  • Painted Furnishings

Interior Styling:

A perfect fit for Traditional Farmhouse, Modern Farmhouse, and Rustic decorating styles!

How & Where:

Galloway Gallery Art is always available for viewing and purchase at ReTwist-T. Works are also available at local Art Fairs once or twice each year - Watch our Blog for upcoming Fairs!

Looking for something special? Contact us to schedule a Consultation.

Are you enjoying your special piece of art from the Galloway Gallery? Please share!


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