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Artist Spotlight: Peggy Marxen

Celebrating the hearts and hands of the rural community.

About the Author:

Meteor, Wisconsin native Peggy Prilaman Marxen recounts her family's farming life in her book "The Farm on Badger Creek: Memories of a Midwest Girlhood. Her tale traces the journey of her settler ancestors to the modern day.

This labor of love is a celebration of the hardy people who carve out a life in our rural communities.

About the Book:

Available as...

  • Paperback

Interior Styling:

A bookshelf must-have for the Traditional Farmhouse decorator!

How & Where:

Peggy Prilamen Marxen's book, The Farm on Badger Creek: Memories of a Midwest Girlhood, is available for purchase at ReTwist-T - Or check out her Facebook page!

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