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Birds of a Feather

Spying on the birds gets you outside...or at least looking outside through your window! Frolicking with our feathered friends improves our patience skills and helps us to become part of our community. It's one of the easiest activities available to spend time away from the blue light of your TV, phone or laptop. Blue light disrupts the production of melatonin, which helps you sleep...Take a moment to get outside and breathe in some fresh air, soak up some sun rays and stock up on that good old Vitamin D! Vitamin D improves our mood and enhances our overall happiness. Ok, now that your heading out the door - Let's see what's up!

Local Eagle Watching activities occur each year in January and February.

  • Head over to the Chamber of Commerce website at for the 2021 virtual schedule of events.

  • The website offers ongoing information on local eagles and habitat preservation as well. Be sure to check it out!

Our very own Galloway Gallery artist finds a great deal of joy in painting some of our feathered friends. A few options in her collection include:

  • "Another Day In Paradise" Chickadee, framed print from original

  • "Take Courage" Chickadee, acrylic on board

  • "Chicklit" Baby Chick, acrylic on board

  • "Rise and Shine" Rooster, framed print from original (shown)

We are always excited to share her work!

Our metal sculptor, Stonehouse Metal Sculptures Etc, also loves to showcase the fun and fantasy of birdy kind, such as his "Frantic Feathers" Sculpture shown here!

Quite honestly, there isn't a limit on creative ideas for showing our appreciation for all those adorable feathered friends. Perhaps the following options can provide a little inspiration...

  • Upcycled bike tire feather earrings by Create Happy

  • Wood cut folk art-style birds

  • Crochet chicks or chickens

  • Collect bird items, such as candy dishes!

4 Ways to Fly Away for a Day

IDEA #1: Try to get outside and walk or bike at least 1 mile each day! Make up a motivational playlist to keep you company while you explore. Some benefits of listening to music include improved blood flow, reduced stress and depression, and your favorite music has the power to stimulate fun memories! Some of the ReTwist-T Team favorites include...

  • Loyal-Brave-True by Christina Aguilera

  • Beautiful by Infinity Song

  • Honeybee by Head and the Heart

  • This Is Me from The Greatest Showman by Keala Settle

  • Reflection from Mulan by Christina Aguilera

  • The entire Hamilton soundtrack!

  • And absolutely anything and everything by Aperi Animam!!!

**Tet your playlist together and take a look at to get a map of the entire distance of the amazing and beautiful Great Sauk State Trail that goes right through town!

IDEA #2: Put on your gear and play outside!

  • Playing outside can be that much more fun with a matching set of sweater mittens, knit headband, and scarf. Like more fluff? Go for a Chunky Muffler or cowl, hat, and boot cuffs!

IDEA #3: Road Trip!

  • Growing up we would take family road trips on Sunday afternoons. Our dad would lay out the plat book and Gazetteer on Saturday evening and look for routes with only a few key requirements: Be the most indirect route to nowhere, hit the most obscure regions of Wisconsin, and have the highest volume of curves and hills!

IDEA #4: Photography!

  • During our family jaunts around the countryside we would often pull over so that our mom could take pictures, paint or draw whatever inspired her in the moment. At other times we would stop at an interesting spot to explore and collect pine cones, rocks, and other natural tidbits to use in a creative project later in the day!

And there you have it--Several fun and feathery ways to get out for the day, enjoy nature, eye the sky, and feed the birds! So get out that plat book and map, pack a lap blanket and snack (and face mask!) and go out and get inspired!


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