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Bring The Sparkle

It starts with an idea. For us, the ReTwist-T Sisters, it started several years ago now. Life was chaotic with changes, illness, moves, work...and we needed a way to bring the "sparkle" back. Teresa, being the Sister that prefers to jump first and learn to fly on the way, decided the best plan was to make stuff. Such a brilliant idea! Somehow Tanya was bestowed with the blessing of being able to tag along on the adventure....along with Mom, Dad, Spouse, Siblings, and Children....and eventually a community of talented and enjoyable people! But don't let me get ahead of myself. Where was I? Ah yes, flying....Our first show was around this time of year and located more than an hour away. We drove at the break of dawn in the snow, unloaded our goods in a gym across from a lady with a "meow" as her ring tone! (It literally took us half the day to figure out why there was a cat wandering the gym! HAHAHAAA) Our little space held a splash of fine art, bedazzled baskets, repurposed suitcases with all the fixin's for a picnic, and handmade bags for carrying bottles of wine. We were clueless! The best part, though, was that we made lots of new friends that day, one of which was so inspired by our upcycled idea that she went home and brought back a tiny adorable suitcase for us to use for our next project! It was then that we learned that part of flying requires your own strength, and the other part is sharing encouragement. We have discovered in many moments since that we are happiest flocking with other like birds as we strengthen our wings with "sparkle" and encouraging words! Be sure to share a small kindness with someone each and every day - You never know if your sweet breeze is what helps them along life's winding way.


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