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Color Swap

The seasonal color swap in the store is always a big project, but the end product is so worth the effort! This year my sister and I began the extravaganza with a fresh coat of paint on the entire interior of our sweet little shop. All the summer finery wilted from the walls, awaiting replacement by all things woodsy, leafy, and natural. The entryway has become a sea of blue tones from Mediterranean to Deep Pacific. The salty seascapes don't stop there - if you're shopping this section you'll also find fabulous vintage suitcases there! Working our way around the bend we've created a warm glimpse of sunshine that we've placed picnic baskets and sunflowers in. Next stop is the pumpkin patch with BrewSkeeters, chimes, and chairs to match. A little further and wouldn't you know, our travels take us to the unique goodie bags by Rustic Road. Last stop for today is a colorful corner reminiscent of children at play! This little nook features yellow and teal, red, orange, blue...almost every color that's real. We have books and games, handmade dolls and vin-tique toy planes.

And that's just half the store, can you believe that? I tell you the rest of the decorating when we get finished with it! We hope you enjoy, and we'll see you soon!

Love always,

Teresa, Tanya, and the ReTwist-T Team!!!


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