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Deep Cleaning

It's a new month and, as I see it, the perfect time to grow a new leaf!

You know the saying, "turn over a new leaf"? Well that seems as though I'm holding on to the old leaf and just flipping it over. I actually want to get rid of that old, dull, crumpled thing and grow a new one! I'm certain everyone's leaf is different, for me it is creating a new routine that fits in a bit of relaxation, creativity, exercise, and healthy conversation. My schedule is packed full, but I'm pretty sure there is still room for improvement. The wiser folks out there say 'start small'. I ran the vacuum. I took out the trash. I walked to the store and bought some tea. I called my mom. In the matter of an hour or two I was able to touch on all the phases of my new routine with such a small effort! When I finally sat down to begin my required work for the day I felt like the sunshine streaming in the window was the only thing brighter than the joy in my heart!

This week is National Cleaning Week. At first I thought this meant cleaning the house week, but as I pondered it further I had a different thought. Have you ever noticed how your frame of mind is often reflected in how well you care for your things? For me that plays out as a high stress level equals my bedroom floor slowly becoming my closet! Yikes! Eventually I have to come to terms with my stress level so I can go ahead and pick up my clothes and put them where they belong. How does this connect with Cleaning Week? Simple! Cleaning your inside...inner talk, emotional state, food intake...will impact the rest of your world! I suggest taking a walk out in the breezes and sun, listen to the birds, and breath deep. You could also try working on a creative project you always wanted to try. Creative output can really get the happy juices going! The little health consciousness project I'm working on right now suggests adding lemon to your water bottle, getting more rest, and eating a rainbow of colors every day.

Time to go make your new leaf more beautiful!


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