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Embrace Your Inner Flamingo

Our "rainbow" color for this week is PINK!!! We is technically not a color in the rainbow...but we feel that isn't fair so...we're fixing nature! Today we are encouraging all of you to embrace your inner absolutely and majestically awkward!

Pink is such a sweet little color that represents so many sweet little things!


  • Love is a deep feeling of joy and happiness that reduces feelings of stress and improves cardiovascular health!

  • You, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve YOUR love and affection!

  • Don't hold back, show some you-love and send yourself some flowers! Pink carnations, in particular, symbolize a mother's undying love and tenderness for her children.

Mother's Day is coming up quickly, only 16 days to come up with something adorable and creative to celebrate your mommy! Here are some super cute ideas:

  • Take out all those flowery dishes and have a tea party, complete with desserts!

  • Birdie ornaments, bird houses or a bird bath.

  • A vintage (or new) apron.

  • Unique jewelry, especially handmade!

  • A powdery pink quilt or afghan.

  • Photo frames or sign boards with sweet sentiments.

Pink is such a playful Bubble Bath and Baby Powder!

  • Sharing laugher and fun increases your imagination and improves your mood!

  • Creativity leads to incredible feelings of accomplishment and purpose. It allows you to enter your happy zone and have fun. So, get creative...stand tall and be fabulous!

  • Wearing pleasant colors can make you feel warm and cozy on the inside, too.

Set aside time to treat yourself to a spa day to ease muscle tension and encourage relaxation. A spa day will help you de-stress and make your skin look...and feel...more radiant! Personal spa day ingredients can be as easy as:

  • A bar of natural-ingredient artisan or felted soap

  • A unique know, the kind you just must write or draw in!

  • Picking up good book

  • Massage oil

  • Candles with 'zen' scents

  • Warm, sweet, or sparkling beverage

Spring is right around the corner (we promise)! Spring brings rain showers and warm, sunshiny days...which bring rainbows! Grab your besties and head out to play in the sunshine and rainbows with a porch picnic! Remember...

The only way to have a friend is to be one!
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