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Since it is the beginning of September I thought it appropriate to share a little school-related story....

But first, Tea!

Ingredients: Mint Tea

Brew Time: 5 minutes

Benefits: Is said to improve sleep and therefore improve energy when awake, as well as relieving tension and headaches

A week or so ago we traveled several hours in a two-car caravan to move my daughter in to her last dorm room as an undergrad. The vehicles were packed to plumpness, yet I couldn't stop my mommy mind from wondering whether everything had been remembered. Everything that she would need to create her home away from home. My daughter is an artist. An aspiring studio artist, to be exact. The nearly bursting vehicles were carrying the precious cargo of art supplies for sculpture, painting, printmaking, name it, it's in there! Clothing, too. But shoes, or books or, heck, food! Not so much. She did have her teapot, though, she made sure of that. She insists that the secret to successful late-night painting, or early morning sketches, is a hot cup of a cute cup, of course!

Several hours later we had de-plumped the vehicles and created the dorm room of dreams! We made several trips to the store (to get more art supplies, of course), then finally called our task complete. The room was beautiful. Arranged and decorated with chairs and fluffy rugs. Her grandparents and I were assured that now was the best time to say our goodbyes.

As in other years there were tears with the hugs and kisses. Parting doesn't seem to be getting easier, but as we pulled out of the parking lot my dad shared a little secret.

He made me laugh sharing how, when my daughter was leaving for school last September, she had stopped by their house and left little love notes and sketches hidden all around their kitchen. For months they were finding hearts and XOXO's in unexpected places like the freezer and spoon drawer. This time around, dad said, he had paid back the favor! While we were creating her comfy space he was drawing hearts on pieces of tape and sticking them all over the room in as many unique places as he could find, including inside several bags of her favorite tea! He smiled at the success of his covert operation knowing that some late night brew, in the midst of a creative slump, a sweet little love note from Papa would provide just the boost of energy needed to finish an artful creation.

My mommy heart was bursting with laughter and joy at this little loving touch of encouragement from my dad to his granddaughter. He knew what would speak to her heart and how to have it there to do its work, just when she needed it. What little touch of encouragement can we give someone today? Mint Tea is said to help us relax, revive, and clear the mind. I don't know about you, but I'm going to start finding slips of paper to leave all around that are "mint" for the special people in my life to find! I'm pretty sure they will have the same effects.


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