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Flavors of the Day

Brew Time: 3-5 minutes

Ingredients: Peach Tea

Benefits: Refreshing. Anti-aging. Visual Health.

Am I a morning person? That depends on how you define 'Morning Person'. I mean, if someone asks me to meet them for breakfast on the patio, I'm there! Or a morning when I wake up with the most creative crafting idea ever imaginable...No problem! I'll even jump out of bed with the sunshine if I know it's a lazy day and I can sit on my porch without a deadline. But am I morning person on Monday? Nope. Pretty much never.

Monday. Groan. Yawn. It's some hour and minute that I lost track of when my feet hit the floor. I've been waging war between my brain and body since I realized it was no longer the weekend and the thought of jumping into my morning routine is almost nauseating. Stretch. Shower. Clothes. Breakfast. Pack lunch. Seriously...Why is Monday a thing? I stand waiting for the teapot to whistle so I can step out the door and get it over with. Ready. Go.

Even with my sunglasses framing my still sleepy eyes I must admit the Wisconsin countryside has a certain beauty in the morning. I cruise along, waiting for my Peach Tea to steep, and try to focus on the day ahead. My first stop of the morning should be fairly routine, not much paperwork to deal with. Pause. Sip. Not quite brewed yet. I'll give it a few more minutes.

The river is visible through the trees as I cruise around another curve. My mind wanders to the next phase of the day. I need to finish my prep, file, do a bit of research, follow up. Pause. Insert another careful sip of hot tea into my mental menagerie. Maybe a touch more flavor this time. I definitely put a different tea bag in than I meant to. I pull into the parking lot, grab my backpack, and head into the building.

The busyness begins and I push aside the remaining threads of tiredness. The black tea boost will kick in any moment.

5 minutes...

15 minutes...

30 minutes...

I fall into the chair at my desk and reach for the mug of quickly cooling tea. My energy level needs all the help it can get! With a determined gulp I strive to center the remaining fizzles of mental energy into discerning the mystery flavor of my beverage. The water still refuses to reveal its secrets. Now, flustered, I set down my mug, certain there is something suspiciously bland about my morning brew. I need to get to the bottom of this. With a quick twist of the lid I peer into the mug with the keen eye of a detective. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. I put on my glasses. There, now I peer in like a detective.


That's right. You heard me. No bag. No tea leaves. No nothing. Just clear, tepid, water!

Go ahead and laugh. I did! In between yawns and a quick break to grab a coffee.

Some days, especially Mondays, are just plain cloudy, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy. However, have you ever noticed, no matter the cloudy level we are still able to tell it's day outside rather than night? Despite the clouds there is still sun somewhere providing illumination; a little touch of flavor in an otherwise dreary day. So, whether your teacup is empty or full, warm or cool, tasty or...not so much, find ways to enjoy life with a creative perspective on the typical! Laugh. Share the sunshine with someone else. The flavor of the day may not be so bland after all!

If you're curious, my current favorite Peach Tea is found at Telsaan Tea. Tasty!


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