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Fruit Loop in a Cheerio World

Being unique empowers you to be true to your TRUE self! You-niqueness increases your creativity and enhances your potential to contribute so much more to your world with a great sense of comfort, peace and happiness. One of the best ways to be unique is to strive to be a Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios!

Colorful Ways to Explore Your Sweet Side

YELLOW LOOP: Happiness improves your heart health and boosts your immune system!

A healthy immune system gets a little added love by enjoying some of your favorite comfort foods! Here's the creative twist, comfort food smells are just as beneficial!

Check out some of our favorite "comfort food flavor" candles:

  • Bailiwick Creations fashions delicious jars of Coffee House and Georgia Peach!

  • Fox Ridge Candles serves up such delicacies as Black Raspberry Vanilla, Grapefruit and Mangosteen, Hot Apple Cider, Kitchen Lemon, and Vanilla Chestnut!

GREEN LOOP: Try setting up a meal prep schedule--No pressure! Start with one meal each day. If you want to make the activity more fun try using cute meal prepping tools!

  • Vintage wooden utensils

  • Wooden rolling pins

  • Farmhouse-style prep bowls

  • Buffalo China platters

  • Hand woven hot pads

PURPLE LOOP: While you're cookin', check out a new podcast! Podcasts are a really cool way to build a stronger and more vivid imagination by listening to stories, going on virtual adventures, and learning new skills...right from the comfort of your kitchen! Check out these local podcasts...

  • Sauk County Institute of Leadership

  • Wisconsin Hometown Stories

  • Perpetual Motion Machine

  • Frame of Reference - Sauk County and Beyond

  • Now and Next

BLUE LOOP: If it's just too cold and snowy to venture out to the grocery store...remember, the Mixing Bowl Bakery delivers fresh groceries right to your door! If you're just not up for cooking, you can check out some local restaurants! Here are a few ReTwist-T faves....

  • Blue Owl Cakes & Marketplace

  • Vintage Brewery

  • La Mexicana

  • Prairie House

  • And of course...the original Culver's!

RED LOOP: Whether supporting local eateries or enjoying your own cooking comforts created at home, be sure to snuggle up with your favorite mug, a cozy blanket and a great book! We have a few sweet selections at the Shop, but this is just to get your creativity going!

  • Ceramic Mugs by In My Apron Pocket

  • Vintage cocoa mugs

  • Shark and Mermaid Snuggle Sacks from Handmade by Barb

  • Vin-tique Afghans, just like Grandma used to make!

  • Old books, new books, and vin-tique unique books!

Remember, on your next stroll around town, to check out a Free Little Library in your neighborhood -- We have one at the Store too! See you soon!


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