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In Store...and More!

Hey everyone, it’s almost Spring! And we cant wait to share all the new things!

* First off, we enjoyed showing our artsy chairs, handmade tables, and other wares at the annual Hearts for Haiti event at the Baker Barn this past weekend! If you couldn’t make it, that’s ok. We have the beautiful Haitian purses in store and they are all handmade. We are especially excited because these bags are crocheted using discarded plastic grocery bags! They are truly a work of heART! (Proceeds from purchase of these one-of-a-kind purses support the medical mission in Thiotte Haiti.)

* Next on the list, you won’t want to miss, can be found in our beauty section! We have some very talented ladies creating headbands with vintage button bling, necklaces with vin-tique earrings, headbands using old neckties, and rings from dominoes and other surprises!

* In our kitchen there are costume jeweled magnets that are simply sublime, and lots of new curated items like vintage cookbooks and gift bags for wine.

* Housewares are the all over fun-filled variety, with a special highlight on our new art journals - a beautiful handmade specialty.

* The Gallery welcomes handmade end tables to the store made with reclaimed and upcycled wooden cupboard doors! We are also excited to introduce Francie’s Art Corner oil paintings. Browse in store or online - they are truly amazing.

* And finally, last call for shopping our beautiful knitted scarves, cowels, and headbands, as well as repurposed soft sweater mittens! They will be blowing away with the warm March breeze and not available again until time for cocoa and colorful leaves.

And that about wraps it up, until the next time we meet. Hope to see you soon, stop by, ”pull up a chair” and have a seat!

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