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Inspirational Freedoms

Eagle woodcarving by Herman LeRoy Galloway
Freedom Flyer

What is it about bird watching that makes it such an inspirational and enjoyable pastime? An article in Experience Life Magazine provides some insight, "humans who have access to natural environments have improved immunity as well as lower levels of stress, depression, and anxiety." Seems like some really good reasons to interact with the out of doors! If you live in our area of south-central Wisconsin the month of January is set asideu for bird-watching, specifically eagles. Eagles are the visual representation of strength, courage, and freedom and have been a source of inspiration for centuries. In this area the celebrations surrounding Bald Eagle Watching Days have existed officially since 1990. The goal is to "protect, maintain and enhance bald eagle habitat in the Sauk Prairie area" following in the footsteps of several other eagle-supporting entities along the Mississippi River.

Although not from this area, our Grandfather Galloway also found artistic inspiration in the ferocious tenacity of the eagle. He produced the wood carving, pictured above, in the early 1960s. A time when the Vietnam War and Civil Rights Movements were stirring up national tensions that would eventually lead to steps in much-needed freedoms. Mr. Galloway produced several pieces during this time, including presenting a sculpture in the 1964 Toledo Area Artists 46th Annual Exhibition!

Resilience, courage, and freedom continue to be idioms of inspiration in our artistic expression, whether music, art, writing, and any other creative pursuit. We charge you to continue to explore the world outside your door, and inside your heart!

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