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Leafy Greens

Does anyone else out there enjoy digging in the dirt and watching things grow? I don't claim to be a gardening expert, but I do love a little leafy green in my life.

Adding to my houseplant collection is a year round pursuit. So is keeping them happy. Honestly, I don't even know what most of them are (officially) called, I simply name them based on their 'personality'...pokey, wimpy, fussy, beauty...yep, those are my babies!

My love of plant babies not only brings life, and sometimes pops of color, to my space, but is also a good way for me to incorporate my desire to reduce, re-use, recycle, and repurpose. Last summer I came across several fun vintage flower pots, cups, and vases and decided to try my hand at starting little succulents in them. It is the cutest thing to see Hens & Chicks beginning to fill in a ceramic baby buggy, or a little aloe creating the top of a pineapple cup! Some of my found treasures I transform into a rock garden or use them as decorative bits in larger garden arrangements created in old birdbaths or flowerpots, which can then be moved outside when the weather gets warmer!

Which brings me to the garden space! When it is time to plant the outdoor garden things really start waking up! I have often lived in an apartment with a deck or patio, which means gardening is a pursuit of heroic levels of creativity. Repurposed sieves make amazing chimes that can multi-task as a hanging planter; mini gardens can flourish in old barrels, watering cans, even old leather shoes! I have successfully created a vegetable garden in a rectangle crate and used old knives as the row markers (writing on them with permanent marker works well and the names stay visible throughout the entire growing season). If your home is in a location where the weather isn't warming up as quickly as desired (I do!) then putting together a few starter plants indoors can set the stage for success. I have used egg shells and cardboard egg cartons to get my seeds going. There are LOTS of other ideas on Pinterest for upcycled gardening as well.

And there you have it! I hope to drive through town later this spring and summer and see lots of little gardens blooming and growing! Be sure to share your ideas and tips for upcycled/repurposed gardening too. If you are looking for little pots, vases, cups, plants, birdbaths, chimes, and other garden-inspired sure to stop by the Shop!

~See you soon!

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