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Rainy Days and Sun Days

I perched on my chair at the back of our craft show booth, staring out at the rain and watching a few brave shoppers stroll past with umbrella in hand. "I wonder why it always rains on Saturday every time we're at this show", I said, half to myself and half to my sister on the other side of the table. Her unexpected response sounded something like a vacuum cleaner trying to drain a duck pond. I glanced over, slightly amused with her response, to see if she had heard me only to discover she appeared to be melting away behind the table! Now, my sister is super sweet, but this was completely incomprehensible! I leaned precariously across the table and, with rising concern in my voice, inquired as to whether she was ok and how I could help. She looked up at me with a muddled and confused look in her eyes and tried again to dislodge her quickly sinking feet. At this response I couldn't suppress a slight giggle, which then led to both of us laughing uncontrollably and her splashing mud all over our sitting space. The rain had slowed to a pitter patter and I peeked outside to see if I could get the attention of one of the show hosts. The line of drippy booths sat in the middle of a closely cropped lawn on a scenic farmstead and the hosts often strolled around checking on things and stopping to chat. I noticed one gentleman over by the shed and waved him over. I pointed to the back of our tent at my sister still knee deep in muck and tried to explain our situation. His weathered face broke into a broad grin and, after an amused chuckle, he took some quick measurements of Lake Muddy Puddle and disappeared around the corner of the barn. He arrived back shortly with a large piece of board to create a repurposed bridge! Clasping our hands together and using the board as a ramp my sister was finally able to drag her mud-laden galoshes out of the puddle and we thanked our helper amidst loud chatter and laughter. I still don't know why it always rains on show Saturday's, but who would want to miss out on the fun in our 'Lakeshore' booth!


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