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Re-Imagining Resolutions

Yes, this is a re-post...but we're here to help you get back on track and be creative...Let's go!!!

5 Ways to Re-Imagine Resolutions

IDEA #1: Write a letter! Writing snail mail not only makes the sender feel makes the receiver happy as well. Who doesn't get a burst of excitement to know that someone cares enough to send a letter?

  • Handwriting stimulates creativity and encourages you to explore your artsy side--You could add doodles and stickers, too!

  • Handwriting also creates calmness and relieves anxiety, encouraging clarity and peace.

**For your writing pleasure we suggest handmade Greeting Cards by ScrapCat or fine art Postcards by Ancient Doors Designs!

IDEA #2: Read a blog! Reading blogs (like you're doing right now! Don't you feel smarter already?) increases knowledge, creates a positive distraction, brings feelings of nostalgia, and can make you belly laugh over and over again...all day long!

  • Writing a blog promotes creativity, boosts confidence, and helps you connect with other people.

IDEA #3: Write in a journal! Journaling helps you set and achieve goals, relieves stress and allows time for self-reflection. Try to write at least one line in your journal each day.

**For capturing your words of wisdom we suggest handmade Art Journals by ScrapCat!

IDEA #4: Get dressed up! Dressing up isn't just for the kiddos anymore.

  • Dressing up fosters imagination, initiates self-improvement, encourages creativity and risk-taking, brings joy to you and others, gives a feeling of accomplishment and just overall makes you feel good! There are so many great reasons...So why not?!

**To get you started we think a cute Light Bulb Ring by Cathryn's Treasures or a vin-tique Button Ring by Our Friendly Neighbor would be perfect accents to your wardrobe!

IDEA #5: De-Clutter and Donate!

  • Donating activates the reward center of the brain, enhances the wellbeing of your community, and reduces stress! ReTwist-T is always very excited to receive donated gift bags and ribbon...We have also received pieces that we are able to add our own artistic touch to!

**Perhaps try your hand at painting on paddles, like our Galloway Artist, or conquer a bigger piece of furniture like our R&D Designs Studio!

And there you have it--Five wholesome, hearty, and satisfying ideas for starting a new hobby or bringing an old one back to life. It is always fun to include the kiddos or family in the adventure, or try out some new classes to get the creativity going! Did you know River Arts Inc., Home by Hayley, and D-Marie Knits have some great local options? You can also check out the ongoing activities offered through the Sauk Prairie Chamber of Commerce, Sauk City and Prairie du Sac Public Libraries, or the Sauk Prairie Community Center. Also, if we have helped to inspire you, feel free to stop by and pick up one of our ReTwist-T team T-shirts! Snap a pic of you with your new creative hobby and share it with us! Happy Re-Imagining!

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